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Whole Prey Rabbit Pinkies: 1.5oz

Contents: Whole Prey Rabbit Pinkies 1.5oz Packs contain approximately 4-5 pieces. 6oz Packs contain approximately 15-17 pieces. As an important reminder, the primary purpose for raising our particular rabbits is for human consumption, however these stillborns do happen and are a very real part of life. With the partnership of several small family farms, we have helped find a purpose for these kits that have previously been discarded NUTRITIONAL INFO: Rabbit is an ideal cooling protein recommended for food sensitivities and allergy prone pets It is lower in fat, calories and sodium than the majority of other meats and provides an excellent source of vitamins and minerals including high levels of vitamins B3 and B12, phosphorus, potassium and selenium all contributing to a good balance of vitamins and minerals for daily dietary requirements It is an excellent balance of fatty acids and richer in omega 3 than chicken or pork These are a fully WHOLE PREY item without anything re...