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Whole Prey Quail Wings (Garnish)




  • 5 Whole Prey Quail Wings per bag

We clipped these wings off before grinding them up for the Quail Cookies! Wondering if this makes it easier for anyone to feed Whole Prey? Feeding feathers/fur is beneficial for your pups! It aids in digestion and acts like a pipe cleaner as it moves through their system! It bulks up their stools and can help with gut health. Not to mention, it also helps with naturally expressing their anal glands and is a natural dewormer!

We can't wait to see how you use this item as a garnish on your pup's bowls and toppls!

Hoping the wings can desensitize you to feeding feathers and move on to the whole thing! Whole prey is the premise on which raw diets are built upon. The feathers, internal organs, bones, and blood provides a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Whole prey stimulates mental and physical enrichment as they devour their meal.

  • Feed as a meal or part of a meal, depending on the size of your dog 
  • Always be sure that your pup has access to a bowl of water