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Turmeric Curcuma - Antioxidant Joint & Inflammation Support* the Petz Kitchen™ - Organic & Human Grade Ingredients for Home Prepared Meals & Treats: 2 Oz. Organic Turmeric/96% Curcuma Powder Shaker

The petz kitchen™ - turmeric curcuma is a root based plant that thrives in the tropical rain forests of the peruvian amazon, with a very different phytochemical and nutritional profile than ayurvedic origins. It is prized as a fat soluble, super food and antioxidant power house containing 96% bio-available curcuma, (curcuminoids) which is the active part of the plant that imparts its potential health benefits. Turmeric also contains essential oils, protein, vitamins a, c, e and k; minerals calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, zinc plus fiber and electrolytes, and has been attributed with helping boost or balance immunity as needed; as a natural anti-inflammatory, it may help protect the body from oxidative stress, due to its cox inhibitor properties it may help address arthritis stiffness and joint pain, due to its leukotriene inhibitor, decongestant and anti-histamine properties, it may help limit allergies and address asthma and other breathing disorders.