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Life's an Itch No More Sneezing & Wheezing* Respiratory, Allergy & Tracheal Support*: All Life Stages Dog / 8.9 Fl Oz / 223 Ml

Description Ingredients Contraindications Interactions Cautions Dosage Life's an itch no more sneezing & wheezing* respiratory, allergy & tracheal support* (* as recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system) Do you have an itchy, allergic dog or cat? You're not alone!  One in three vet visits are related to allergies and food sensitivities. Did you know that your pet can develop a food sensitivity to being fed the same food and/or protein year after year? Or that your dog or cat might be allergic to something in your home, such as scented dryer sheets or room deodorizers? Identifying the allergen source can be maddening, and meanwhile, your pet is miserable and you need a solution now.