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Kangaroo Jerky

Healthy Naturally Dehydrated Kangaroo Jerky for dog Kangaroo Jerky for dogs is a single protein product ingredient, which means we have added nothing extra in the dehydrating process. Kangaroo Jerky that’s it! Making it a healthy nutritious dog treat. Dogs who require a low-fat diet (especially if they suffer from pancreatitis) don’t usually get to enjoy treats, as a lot of treats on the market are full of fat, salt, sugar, and additives. Giving your dog Kangaroo jerky, as a natural dog treat is a safe alternative, one they can enjoy! * Kangaroo Jerky Pet Treat is a single protein product ingredient * Making it a healthy nutritious dog treat * Kangaroo is naturally organic and free-range meat, as it isn’t farmed * Easily broken up into small amounts, making it an excellent dog training treat * King Kingsley's favourite dehydrated jerky Shop our Entire Natural Dehydrated Pet Food Range ▼Nutritional Information Crude Protein 86%, Crude Fat 3%, Crude fiber 0%, Crude ash 4%, Moisture 5% ▼Ingre