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Icelandic+ Lamb Marrow Whole Pieces Dog Treat 4-oz Bag: Default Title

Icelandic+ Lamb Marrow Marrow Whole Pieces. Each bag contains net wt. 4-oz of Lamb Marrow (assorted whole pieces which are 2-3" long ). While our crunchy Marrow has been naturally air-dried, it originally has the consistency of a fatty gelatin substance. The marrow is found in the center or core of lamb bones and horns. Dogs are drawn to the marrow, which is a nutrient-dense and highly rich dietary energy source. It contains a high content of minerals (calcium), essential fatty acids, vitamins, and lipids. - A crunchy, delicious, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, sustainable and edible dog treat - The natural brushing quality of marrow helps keep your dog’s teeth clean - Recommended for medium and large dogs - 100% sustainably harvested - 100% edible and digestible - 100% natural—no additives - 100% single ingredient dog treat Ingredients: Icelandic Lamb Marrow Guaranteed Analysis: Protein (Min) 44% Fat (Min) 0.3% Calorie Statement: 1690 kcal/kg