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Ginger Joint Extract - Canine Supplement


Ginger Joint Extract sync two anti-inflammatory herbs, Turmeric and Ginger together to help reduce inflammation in the joints. Black Pepper is added to increase absorption. This will help support your dog's musculoskeletal system. These biscuits aid in the relief from: Inflammation Sprains General over worked joints Hip displasia Healing from surgery Prevention of degenerative issues Already aging and injured joints

All organic ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin USP, water, turmeric powder, ginger powder, black pepper

Dosage: Place directly into dog's food. Start with: Small dogs: 3 drops daily Medium dogs: 8 drops daily Large dogs: 12 drops daily Slightly increase dosage if desired over time. Options for use: Mix in or on top of food (easiest way) Squirt directly into mouth Mix in with homemade treats