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FitPAWS Trax Peanut

by FitPAWS
60cm - Blue
50cm - Red
40cm - Yellow

The versatile FitPaws Balance Peanut

Designed with a dog-specific shape to promote proper form and alignment. With a ribbed surface for better traction and a center cradle for stabalization, this powerful conditioning tool strengthens the muscles of the entire body. The Balance Peanut can be utilized as a touch target, an obstacle, and as a tool for stability or core training. The Balance Peanut provides a high-to-ground and moderate-to-high level balance challenge and can be used to improve balance, cardio, flexbility and strength.

For sizing:

For core conditioning exercises: Your dog should be abel to stand on top of the Peanut in a natural stance without a hunched or arched back.

For stretching or weight bearing exercises: The Peanut should measure slightly under the highest part of your dog's shoulder.