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Brie-Lieve It WUFFcorn Cheese Dog Treat - Popcorn for Dogs

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Did somebody say WOOVIE Night? Popcorn for the humans... WUFFcorn for the Doggos! Are your customers sick of sharing EVERYTHING with their dog? Then why not get them their own! Cuddled up on a Friday night? They've got nobody else (you might have) but their dog... who says they can't have their own treats for a change! Training for the next Wimbledon? Or just training to sit... You wouldn't Brie-Lieve it WUFFcorn is a PAWlicious cheesey flavour popcorn but it contains no dairy we PAWmise! Free from Gluten, Dairy & Wheat too We flavour coconut to give you that extra pizazz (well not you, the furry friend of course) I'm great for sensitive tummies and great for puppies from 8 weeks. Shelf life for wholesalers is 16 weeks from delivery with 4 weeks for consumers.