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Bone Broth™ Ox: 230 ML



INGREDIENTS: Water, legs from cows on grass*, carrots* *- Ecological origin. 100ml Bone Broth contains on average: 12 kcal/53 KJ Average analsysis: Protein: 3.1% Fat: 0% Raw fibre: 0% Crude ash: 0.1% Liquid: 96.8% Sodium: 0.0305 g Collagen: 900 mg Recommended daily intake: 0-10kg - max 350ML per day 10-25kg - max 700 ML per day +25kg - max 1050ML per day

Storage: Opened: 5 days in the refrigerator. Unopened: See label. Produced in Europe by European commodity. Bone Broth is a dietary supplement - and not a drug. Contact your veterinarian or treating if you have doubts about your dog.