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Give your dog’s everyday kibble a major upgrade with our super-nutritious and totally delicious Beef Bone Broth Powder. Packed with collagen and amino acids, this topper helps to keep your furry BFF nourished. (Even the pickiest of pups love the taste of this grass-fed beef goodness!) Serve it up to your pup multiple ways: As a powder over kibble for a protein-packed combo, as a liquid broth over kibble for a mealtime must-have, or served alone as a delicious broth, encouraging your dog to stay healthy and hydrated. • Formulated to provide extra nutrition for joint strength, immune support, and heart health • Made with just 2 ingredients (that’s it!) • Designed for Picky Eaters: This healthy, savory beef topper satisfies picky eaters while adding protein to their diet • Backed by Vets: Formulated by veterinarians and vet nutritionists • Perfect for all-aged dogs • Absolutely no soy, dairy, gluten, or artificial ingredients