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Beef Bladder


1. Dental health: Beef bladder chews can help promote good dental health in your pets by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Chewing on the beef bladder can help scrape away debris from your pet's teeth, improving their overall oral hygiene.

2. Natural source of nutrients: Beef bladder is rich in essential nutrients such as protein and collagen, which are important for supporting your pet's overall health. These nutrients can help promote healthy skin, coat, joints, and muscles in your furry friends.

3. Mental stimulation: Chewing on a beef bladder can provide mental stimulation for your pets, helping to keep them entertained and engaged. This can be particularly beneficial for pets who may suffer from boredom or anxiety, as it gives them a productive outlet for their energy.

Ingredients: Beef Bladder

Contents: 6 Pack or 12 Pack

Origin: USA