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Anxiety - Fast Relax Extract - Canine Supplement


Fast Relax is a proprietary blend designed to calm your dog's nervous system quickly.

When a dog feels nervous, anxious or uncertain of a unique situation, their body goes into fight or flight, just like humans. By supplying medicinal herbs that relax and calm their nervous system, their responses to external stimuli can be decreased.

Whatever your dog's anxious tendencies are, relaxing their nervous system will help calm their reaction.

Does your dog have anxiety related behaviors?

  • Excessive barking
  • Chewing up furniture or shoes
  • Panting or pacing
  • Whining
  • Nervous around other dogs or humans
  • Crying in the car
  • Shaking
  • Scared of loud noises

All organic ingredients:

Vegetable Glycerin USP,  water, chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaf, skullcap leaf, oat straw

Skullcap, Lemon balm and Chamomile pacify the feelings of anxiety and help keep them in a calm relaxed state.

Oatstraw  is a tonic specific to the nervous system which helps to nourish and strengthen the bodily system as a whole.

All dogs are different, in size and in their ability to assimilate nutrients.
Start with half dropper for small dogs and increase dose with size of dog and tolerance. Increase dosage until desired effect is achieved.

This blend is pretty tasty but if difficult to get into your dog's mouth: Hold treat in palm of one hand, dropper in the other. Bring hand with treat to dogs snout. Lift dogs lip with a finger, leaving treat in palm, covered by other fingers. With other hand, squirt tincture in dog's mouth and reward immediately with treat. Positively reinforcing their actions will make it easier over time.

Customer testimonial

"We gave Peiton the tincture first. Just as a test to see if it would do anything for him. Well, it didn't totally knock him out, which is great! But it made him chill and not bark. He didn't even bark when we got home!! Now that is like a miracle!! Peiton ALWAYS barks when we come home! He wasn't covered in slobber nor was the crate! It was unbelievable!"

" Our dog often has trouble with new novel experiences: roofers, fireworks, etc. We use fast relax to give her brain a boost during these tricky times. She is able to settle down and rest instead of being on high alert." - Aubrey

Do not use in pregnancy.

Available in 1oz amber dropper bottle.