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ALZOO™ Plant-Base Calming Diffuser Plug-in Kit for Dog

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ALZOO™ Plant-Based Calming Diffuser Plug-in Kit Dog- Utilizes a botanical blend of Valerian and Lavandin extracts. Helps to relieve stress from separation anxiety, vet visits, fireworks, travel, boarding, and more. CALMING DIFFUSER KIT GREAT FOR FIREWORKS, ANXIETY, AND MORE: Like humans, dogs are susceptible to stress & anxiety caused by a variety of situations. These stressors can result in excessive barking, destructive behavior, and nervousness. Our Calming Diffuser helps provide comfort to dogs experiencing stress due to fireworks, thunderstorms, veterinary visits, or changes to the environment. *Simply plug into an electrical outlet and let the botanical calming blend of Valerian and Lavandin diffuse. *Proven through Clinical Studies *Long-lasting; up to 30-days *Covers up to 500 sq. ft. *SUSTAINABLE & SAFE: Active Natural Plant-Based Ingredients: no synthetic pheromones. Cruelty-free, recyclable packaging