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9 Lives Freakshake

by Norm
Finally something for the bitchy weirdo in your life to push off the edge of the table: introducing our 9 Lives freakshake for cats! This powdered milkshake mix is made from freeze dried water buffalo liver, raw goats milk powder and organic catnip. This freakshake was designed with your pussy in mind, but it’s perfectly safe for doggos too. 🦬 Buffalo is a hypoallergenic meat that is high in iron and protein. Liver is an excellent source of copper and vitamin A. 🍼 Raw goats' milk is both prebiotic and probiotic, low in casein and has smaller fat globules than cows' milk, making it much easier for cats to digest. 🌵 Catnip "Nepeta cataria" is a herb that makes two thirds of cats go loopy. It’s kitty crack, but al